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My Best Friend’s Closet is a youth empowerment program at Making Changes. It provides teenaged girls from low-income households with clothing and accessories to meet their school and recreational needs for the upcoming year – all at no cost to their families. My Best Friend’s Closet also provides valuable leadership and personal development opportunities to young women in the community, who volunteer in the program and act as peers or near-peers to the girls they support.

Each program participant will receive a one-on-one 90 minute consultation with a volunteer image stylist to find a wide assortment of fun and fashionable school and recreational pieces.

Program Criteria

My Best Friend’s Closet participants can be referred by community serving agencies, pre-employment training programs or educational institutions in Calgary and the surrounding area. Participants may self refer if they meet the appropriate criteria.

Participants must between the age of 12 and 18 years old and be experiencing financial barriers.

Referral Process

Participants are allowed up to 2 visits total. Please check whether your client or student has been to my Best Friend’s Closet before making a referral.

Email the participant’s full name and phone number to:

You will receive a confirmation email from us.

If the referral is approved, we will phone your client or student directly to book their appointment.

What each participants will receive

What each participant is entitled to receive:


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clothing items provided to our participants in 2015

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